10 things to do before you list your home…


  1. Find your papers
    1. operating manuals for your appliances & HVAC sytem
    2. Notes on paint colors you used on walls
    3. any applicable warranties
    4. Old utility bills
  2. Get Estimates
    1. furnace
    2. roof
    3. water heater
  3. Straighten the mail box
    1. Gives curb appeal
    2. Lures people inside.
  4. Declutter
    1. Go through belongings & take out what is not used or needed
    2. Rooms should look open & kind of empty
  5. De-Personalize
    1. You want you home to be so bengn & neautral that anyone could image their belongings & personal touch
  6. Clean
    1. Yes, autually clean everything
    2. Best solution bake a pie. The smell is bound to attract an only-slightly unwilling laborer w/upper body strength
  7. Detail the landscaping
    1. Remove dead branches from trees
    2. Pulling weeds
    3. Painting fences
    4. Fixing driveway cracks
  8. Hide the pets
    1. If you own one & love it uncounditionally-hide it. Then you won’t have to explain how you managed to remove all the hair
  9. Plan to get rid of the kids for a while
    1. Under play their presence
    2. Prep your home by repairing the kid’s damages
  10. Take a deep breath–& some pictures
    1. take pictures of the before & after



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